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Thawing a Frozen Lock

When moisture accumulates in a lock it can freeze, keeping you locked out of your car, home or business.  This  can be a problem for some folks! There are a few ways to address this issue depending on the severity of the frozen locks and doors. If you plan ahead: Prevent freezing locks with WD-40, TriFlow or another lubricant recommended for use on locks. Purchase a de-icer from your local hardware store.  The safest way always is to call a professional locksmith, but here are some ways you can thaw your lock. If a lock is frozen, your key will [...]

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Replacing Remote Keyless Entry Car Keys

Remote car key with key and remote feature as one entity. Nowadays, car keys usually come with a remote to lock and unlock your vehicle and sometimes include a start button for the engine.  The remote and key can be one entity or separate entities.   We can replace these keys for you and we can even add extras. These keys need to be programed specifically to your vehicle.   We can replace your keyless entry car remotes if you find that they aren’t working anymore or you’ve lost them.  It takes a little programming, but we have [...]

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RFID Transponder Keys

Most cars built after 1995 have keys with transponder chips in them.  This chip disarms the cars immobilizer using a radio frequency when starting the engine. The use of such keys drastically decreased the rate of car theft. But it also made it more difficult for car owners to get replacement keys unless you know the right people to call.  We can help when you’ve lost your keys, or locked them in the car, whether you have transponder keys or not!  Replacements are no problem so call us today.  We serve all of St. Charles county, all the way down [...]

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High Security Locks Prevent Unauthorized Copies

To prevent unauthorized copies of keys we offer high security locks, which prohibit duplicate keys being made without permission.  Only authorized keys can be duplicated.  You control who has keys and how many.

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Re-Key or Replace Locks?

It's less expensive to rekey than to replace locks!

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Rekeying Your House

Often houses can be rekeyed to one key if the key currently used goes into the lock, we can rekey all the same. If not, whichever type of locks you have most of can be rekeyed and whichever locks you have least of can be replaced to match so all locks work on 1 key.

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Master Keying

Master keying is done by setting locks to match keys, not by cutting keys to fit locks. Keys needing to be set must go into the lock to be set.

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Lost or Broken Keys?

Unfortunately, lost or broken keys cannot be fixed.  But we can make new keys! So give us a call.

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Locksmiths Won’t Damage Your Lock or Framework

When locked out of your house, car, business, building, or even your safe we have specialized tools we use to get it open safely without damage being done to lock and or frame work.   But make sure you come to a licensed and bonded locksmith, or you risk damage.

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You don’t have to go to the dealer if you lost your car keys!

Locked out of you car? Lost your keys? Don't spend a fortune getting the dealer to replace them... If you lose your car key, and it’s a chipped transponder key or remote key, you do not have to go to the dealer to get a new key. We at ASAP Lock and Key make these specialized keys and also make copies of them as well.Car keys that get lost or broken can be remade sometimes by VIN number which we can do often important information like key codes and PIN codes from programming, which are necessary to make keys and program cars. [...]

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