What is a locksmith?
A locksmith is a trained and established professional. Locksmiths are capable in one or many areas of locksmithing from automobiles to heavy duty safe locks. Locksmithing is an ever changing industry and the diligent locksmith is always updating their knowledge.


When do you need a locksmith?
Anytime you need lock work done, such as maintenance, repair, or replacement of a locking mechanism. Whether car, boat, home, auto, business, or institution, an ASAP Lock & Key employee is probably best suited to handle your lock problems.


Is there 24 hour service?
Most locksmith businesses are small, usually one or two persons. Locksmiths typically work long hours, averaging ten hours a day, six days a week. Time off is as precious to a locksmith as it is to anyone whom works for wages. Since any work done outside regular business hours is overtime, one must expect to pay premium compensation.


What is an original key?
Original keys are those that come in the packaging of new locks and often represent the manufacturer’s name and/or a manufacturer’s code number. Original keys should be left put up for copy making purposes, chances for good duplicates are widely enhanced when made from the original key. In the event that an original key is lost, a qualified locksmith, hopefully a member from ASAP Lock & Key, can and will assemble a new key that meets the manufacturer’s satisfaction.


What is a duplicate key?
When you have a key duplicated, an attempt is made to produce a key exactly like the one you already have. Copies are also known as duplications. Given the training, and equipment of a professional locksmith, you are likely to receive the best duplicate possible.