Rekeying or Changing Lock – What Should You Do?

Rekeying or Changing Lock – What Should You Do?

Rekeying or changing the lock is not a new thing for us. It often happens that we accidentally lost our home or car keys. At that time, most homeowners prefer to change the lock mechanism entirely rather than rekeying locks. It is ok with it that they change locks completely, but it is not necessarily the only option at your disposal.

Sometimes, rekeying a lock is enough to improve your homes’ security. But we may say that sometimes changing lock is better options for your home security. The question is, how do you know which is best: rekeying vs. changing locks?/ how do you rekey a lock?

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Rekeying vs Changing Locks: When to do Each?

It depends on the situation. If homeowners rent out the home, they should choose rekeying locks. In the instance of a break-in, many homeowners decide to change locks. The cost of rekeying locks is less than to change a lock. Moreover, two situations would cause to change locks instead of rekeying them.

Most businesses change their locking system hardware when it breaks- in and switching to a different security system or security vendor. A good reason to change your locks is worn-out hardware. Another reason to change your lock is to upgrade to a better security system.

How to Rekey a Lock? 

Rekeying a lock means changing the working key of the lock to a different key without replacing the lock itself. If you lost your home or car keys and want to know how do you rekey a lock, then Asap lock and key experts are here to help you. We will guide you properly on how to rekey a lock.

Our expert local locksmith will also help you to rekey or replace locks of your home offices or cars. They are experts in making duplicate car keys with chips and rekey door locks. We are going to tell you how to fix a sliding glass door lock.

Follow these instructions:

  • Tools required
  • 4-IN-1 screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Tweezers

Steps to Rekeying a Door

  1. Remove the doorknob from the door. Align the holes in the cylinder by either turning the knob counterclockwise and holding it or inserting and turning the key a quarter turn to the right. Once the holes are aligned, insert the remover tool, press, and pop the knob off, separating it from the shank.
  2. Remove the cylinder: Push the cylinder out the back of the knob, pop off the knob sleeve, and remove the cylinder.
  3. Remove the retainer ring: Use the retainer ring tool from the rekeying kit. Force off the thin retainer ring. Push the retainer ring tool against the retainer ring to pop it off the cylinder. Set the call aside so you can replace it later.
  4. Attach key plug: This step is a little bit difficult to do. It is critical to remove the cylinder plug from the cylinder. The top of the cylinder contains pins and springs, which keep pressure on the keyed pins. Insert the old key and turn it either to the left or right. Remove the plug by pushing the plug. Make sure to keep constant pressure between the plug and follower. So the pins and springs do not pop out. 
  5. Insert the new pins and reassemble the lock: Dump out the old pins, insert the new key, and use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to match the unused pins as indicated with the kit’s instructions. 
  6. Replace the plug: replace the plug into the cylinder, slowly pushing out the plug follower as you go. Once inserted, try the key and make sure it turns. Remove the follower and replace the C-clip until it snaps in place. Reinsert the cylinder into the knob and reattach the knob to the door. Once everything is reassembled and feels secure, test the lock.

If you are not professional, it is difficult for you to rekey door locks. A local locksmith knows better how to rekey a lock. If you need an emergency locksmith, then contact asap lock and key services. We assure you that our expert locksmith gives you excellent and quick rekeying lock and changing lock services.

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How much does it Cost to Rekey a Lock?

When you want to protect your home from anyone that may have an exiting key copy, you can rekey the locks so that they work with a new key. You do not need to replace the door hardware. When you can take your locks into a locksmith shop, it is always cheaper to rekey. But if you need to have someone out to rekey at your home., it may be cheaper to replace the hardware when you have only a single door.

If you hire a locksmith, he takes the trip charges. The main price differences between having a locksmith out to your home to rekey and bringing the locks to a lock shop occur because you will save the trip charge or the rekey will be a little less expensive because you will be doing the removal and reinstall of the hardware.


When you don’t have the current key, the cost to rekey the lock will have a surcharge of about $7. The cost varies according to your lock quality and type. The average cost to rekey locks will depend on exactly which locks you need rekeying. As for the price, most locksmiths will charge a standard site visit fee to service your building, then depending on the lock type.

The estimated cost of hiring a locksmith ranges from $100-$200. Similar to the car locks. The price to replace a car key can vary with the type of key needed. Asap lock and key, the service provider offers you friendly charges packages, high-quality locks, and keys with the services of our expert locksmiths.

So stop thinking about that where to make key copies for your home and car locks. We are here to help you and guide you about lock changing and rekeying locks. Moreover, we will tell you about the best rekey kits and locks like rekey locks lowes and more. Does lowes rekey locks and rekey kits are durable for your homes?

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Tips to prevent a lockout

Asap lock and key providers give you valuable tips to prevent car or home lockouts.

  • If you have an electronic key fob, check your car door daily to ensure that the keys work correctly.
  • Try to keep copies of your keys in secure places. This method will help you a lot. Accidents can happen unpredictably, so you should have a backup plan for yourself.
  • You can also give a copy of your car or home to a trusted person like your spouse, family member, or a trusted friend.
  • You can keep a copy in your safe deposit box.

We hope that this article will help you a lot. We will also guide you to use the proper security locks to protect your business and more. Our mission is to be the very best emergency locksmith service near your areas.

If you need us, then you don’t need permission to contact us right now. We are working for you day and night to serve you in the best way. Do you want an emergency car lockout service? If yes, then pick up your phone and dial our number. Save it for later use.

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