Residential Locksmith services

Residential Locksmith services

Almost all of the locksmith companies provide residential locksmith services. These services include rekeying, repairing, and changing the locks at your home. This service does not include commercial buildings. They are available 24/7 to deliver you the best service possible. If you are looking for a company to provide you with any service relevant to this, then get in touch with us. We have the most professional and highly trained staff. We make sure that the service we provide will last long. Or professionals to deliver the service in the minimum time frame possible without compromising the quality. So, if you want our service, then you can find us online in your area. We will appear at the top page of google because google prioritizes us because of our outstanding services.


Rekeying Locks

Rekeying is a process in which new keys are made for the lock so that the old ones do not open it. It is done when a new home is purchased or you have a security threat. In this process, the product is opened, and then new pins are inserted into it. The size of the pins is different from the old one. New keys are made for them, and then the procedure is over. If you do not want to rekey, you can always get your door lock change service from a residential locksmith. The cost of rekeying locks is not too much as well. So, it would be best if you always considered rekeying instead of changing. If you want these services, then get in touch with ASAP Lock and Key.

 We have trained and professional employees who will make sure to provide you with the best service. We will make sure that the rekeying procedure goes smoothly and nothing gets damaged.

Smart Lock Rekey

Smart locks are used in almost every home nowadays because of their enhanced security features. These locks have such a mechanism that they can memorize several key patterns at the same time and get opened with the assigned keys. It is very easy to set them up and is very hard to break into because there is nothing to pry upon on the outside of the door. These are easy to rekey with the original key whenever a residential lockout happens. To rekey a smart lock, first of all, you will have to insert the original key, then rotate it at an angle, then pull it out now insert the new one and rotate it. The smart door has been rekeyed; it is just this easy. But things are different. If you don’t have the original fob because then you will need to call a professional, there is no better company than ASAP Lock and Key. We have trained and professional staff. They are timely and deliver the locksmith house lockout service in the most elegant way possible. And our cost to change locks on house is not too much as well. That is why we are known for providing the best residential lockout service. 

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Lockout Rooms

The locks used in the rooms are different from the ones used on the main door because of some obvious reasons. Bust sometimes, luck is not good, and you get locked out of your room. Things escalate quickly when you realize that your kid is still in the same room and cannot unlock the door. Getting locked out of your room when your toddler is still inside is a terrifying thing to think about. In this situation, you will always want to get your child out of that room as soon as possible, but the disappointing thing is that not all companies are fast, and not all of them can open every type of fob. But ASAP Lock and Key are different from other companies. Whenever a lockout service is demanded, we make sure to arrive at the location as fast as possible.


We make sure that nothing gets damaged during the procedure of opening the door. If you want a house locksmith who can change locks on house because you lost house keys, then don’t worry, take a deep breath and call us because our locked out of house locksmith cost is very affordable. We make sure to keep our prices as low as possible so that our service does not get heavy on the client’s pockets.

House Lockout

Many people get locked out of their own house every now and then because of carelessness or because of some issue with the lock or key itself. House lockout is a service that covers a very broad range of lockout services. All of the services which come under the shadow of house lockout are mentioned below.

  • locked out of bathroom
  • locked out of bedroom door
  • locked out of my room
  • locked out of hotel
  • locked out of front door

The locks of bathrooms are completely different from all of the other locks because they can only be locked and unlocked from inside. If you get locked out of your bathroom, then there is no way to enter the bathroom because there is no lock on the outside. Surely you will need some help from an expert. Bedrooms have standard locks, so if you get locked out of your bedroom, then you can open it with some DIY methods, but there is a very high chance of damaging the lock, so it would be best if you consider hiring a professional. They will open the door for you, and you can get a duplicate or master key if you want one, so you can open the lock by yourself if you get in this situation again. If you need to rekey house locks or want a home lockout service, then get in touch with us. We will deliver you the best customer experience.

Comprehensive Lockout Services in St. Louis

At ASAP Lock & Key, we strive to offer St. Louis residents the most comprehensive lockout services in town. Whether it’s your car, business, or home, we possess the skills and resources necessary to grant you access easily. Utilizing updated technology and tried-and-true methods, we’ll address your property or car lockout services and leave you feeling secure. Breathe a sigh of relief when you rely on ASAP Lock & Key in St. Louis for the professional care you deserve.