A safe is a crucial part of the safety of your valuables and personal documents, and you should make sure you have a team of experts to consult about the care and maintenance of your safe. ASAP Lock & Key in St. Louis is the go-to for all your service needs. We offer commercial and residential safe installation, repair, and even specialized services like a safe replacement, electronic safe conversions, and battery changes. There is a reason why our company has built such a quality reputation in St. Louis, and you can trust your service to us.

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Quality Safe Installations for St. Louis Homes & Businesses

If you have decided to have the safe installation, let our dedicated team of locksmiths do the heavy lifting for you. Whether you're installing a large deposit taking safe for your business or are wanting a safe discreetly installed in your home, you can trust the job will be expertly done. With a large selection of brands at our disposal, we can deliver you an excellent safe installation for your St. Louis home or business.
Safe Repair

ASAP Lock & Key in St. Louis is your go-to for all safe repairs. From simple maintenance like combination

Safe Battery Change

Many digital safes have a battery that needs changing at regular intervals to ensure the continuing operation of your lock.

Safe Replacement

Through wear and tear, your lock may stop operating correctly. Instead of replacing the entire safe, let ASAP Lock & Key

Safe Installation

When getting a new safe, choose a qualified locksmith for your safe installation services. At ASAP Lock & Key

Electronic Safe Conversions

If you have decided that an electronic lock would suit your needs better, it is possible to do a conversion

Safe Opening

Many St. Louis residents don’t access their safe regularly, which can lead to forgotten combinations

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Deft Safes Cracking in St. Louis

Due to wear and tear or a lost combination, you may find yourself needing a emergency locksmith to open your safe for you. Not many locksmiths are trained in safe opening, but our team at ASAP Lock & Key in St. Louis are some of the best in the area. Without the proper training and equipment, the opening of your safe may cause damage, necessitating more costly repairs. With the right tools and training, there is no safe our team in St. Louis can't open for you.

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Services overview

St. Louis's Premier Safe Repair

Modern construction has made safes more reliable than ever, but worn components or accidental damage does occur. When you need a safe repair, our locksmiths are there for whatever service you need. From worn mechanical parts in your safe, lock replacement, or safe battery and combination changes, we have you covered. To keep your belongings in your St. Louis property secure, we advise that you have your safe combination changed regularly for the continued security of your safe.
Premier Safe Repair

Electronic Safe Services in St. Louis

Electronic safes have become increasingly popular for St. Louis properties, but they do require special services. If you need help with changes to your safe’s battery, combination changes, or replacement of your keypad, give ASAP Lock & Key in St. Louis a call. We can also provide electronic conversions to your safe’s dial lock, providing you with the conveniences that come with digital lock systems. With a qualified locksmith, the conversion of your safe to an electronic lock will take no time at all.