we'll thaw your frozen car lock! asap lock & key: st. charles county, moWhen moisture accumulates in a lock it can freeze, keeping you locked out of your car, home or business.  This  can be a problem for some folks!

There are a few ways to address this issue depending on the severity of the frozen locks and doors.

If you plan ahead:

  • Prevent freezing locks with WD-40, TriFlow or another lubricant recommended for use on locks.
  • Purchase a de-icer from your local hardware store.

 The safest way always is to call a professional locksmith, but here are some ways you can thaw your lock.

  • If a lock is frozen, your key will not turn. You may be able to insert it into the lock, but it will not turn or unlock.
  • Get an extension cord and hairdryer! If you have an extension cord that will reach, this is a great method for unlocking your lock or car door.  But make sure your cords are not near water as you could get an electric shock!
  • Use a de-icer. Available at most hardware stores (note: buy your de-icer before your car lock is frozenJ).  Always lubricate a lock after using a de-icer as the chemicals can affect lubricants that make your lock work smoothly.
  • Carefully use a lighter.  This can be tricky if there are things surrounding your lock that can be damaged by flame. If the lock is frozen but the key can be inserted, heat the key with a lighter. Heat the blade of the key, but be careful not to heat too much. Too much heat can cause damage to the key if its a chip key, or you can burn yourself. If heating the blade (metal part) of the key, do so for just long enough to warm the blade. Insert the warm key into the key hole, let key sit for a minute and try turning the lock. If it turns you are done! If not, repeat the process again.
  • Use a torch with caution.  This kind of heat can make the lubricant in your lock sticky.
  •  The safest way always is to call a professional locksmith

Use these tactics with discretionary caution. We at Asap Lock and Key provide this for informational purpose only, assume no responsibility for this information. Customers who use this information  assume all responsibility and risk.

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