Transponder Key Copy

Transponder Key Copy

Almost all of the automobiles manufactured in the last 15 years come with a digital micro controller called a transponder key. It works as an anti-theft measure for automobiles and has a micro controller inside them. which is used to communicate with the car telling it that it is an original one. If the car recognizes it, then the automobile starts. If it is not recognized, then the vehicle does not start. These have revolutionized the car security industry.

As you know, the transponder key increases the car’s security, but there is a drawback as well. Suppose the original is lost, then there no way of starting your automobile. You will have to call an automotive locksmith who is an expert in car key transponders. Then the locksmith will attach the computer of the car with a remote computer and check the receiver’s frequency and serial number. Then he will make a duplicate one for that car. He will copy the serial number in the trans receiver. The worst part about this process is that not every locksmith provides this service, and if one does, then the service is too expensive.

Duplicate Car Key with Chips

The duplicate car keys with chips are look-alike of the original ones. The only issue which comes with the transponder key replacement is the material. The original one has good quality material, and the one made with the process of transponder key duplication is made with low quality plastic, but both of them almost feel the same way. The second difference is the quality of the trans receiver. The replacement car key with a chip has a micro controller with a coil attached inside the enclosure. The radio wave emitter emits a radio frequency that the receiver of the automobile can catch. If the fob which is being used to open the car or to start it and it is not opening or starting then there is a very high chance that the materials used to make the receiver are very cheap and does not work as intended, it is because the strength of the transponder is not as strong as the original one.

Which makes the process of starting the car frustrating because the car misses some ignition turns just because of the weak signals of the trans receiver. The microcontroller of the trans receiver is just like a normal microcontroller which is used in remote control toys or tv remotes. The issue of weak signals comes because of the circuitry of the micro controller. It does not run on any external power. Instead, it has a coil that turns magnetic flux into electrical energy. This process is a little technical. What happens is that when you insert the key in the vehicle’s ignition hole, the ignition hole has an electromagnet in it, which transmits wireless power to the trans receiver. It works on the same principle on which the wireless chargers of mobile phone works. The trans receiver turns on and starts transmitting signals before the fob turns. When it is turned, the vehicle’s receiver catches the signs, and the automobile starts. The automobile fails to start when the fob has no power, or the signal is too weak to detect.

Transponder Key Programing

The programming of the transponder key is instead a difficult task. It requires costly and delicate equipment. The equipment consists of a tablet with the operating system installed on it, which is needed to connect to the vehicle’s computer. A small wireless connector connects to your automobile’s connector, which is present right below the steering wheel where your knees go. The connector connects to the connector of your automobile and transmits all of the information told by it to the computer. So, if you lost your original one and want to make a duplicate of your car transponder, you will have to go through a lot. Because first of all you will not find any locksmith with a trans receiver capability and secondly the cost of the rekeying procedure will be very high. If you find a person to program your vehicle, then the process goes as follows.

Connecting the computer

First of all, the locksmith will have a computer which he will attach to the automobile. The connector is under the steering wheel right next to where your knees go. The laptop’s connector is wireless, so there will be no dangling wires in the driver’s seat. When the connector connects to the car key chip, the locksmith will open his laptop or tablet and access your vehicle’s computer to check the code or the receiving frequency. It is essential to get inside the vehicle’s computer.

Car Make and Model

What many manufacturers do is that they have a pattern in which they use the frequencies. Like if the locksmith gets the name of the manufacturing company, the model of the it, and the year of manufacturing, he can guess from hundreds of the frequencies that may use the vehicle’s computer to connect with the microcontroller present in the enclosure of the fob. The locksmith does not have much time, so the computer does this job for him.

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Accessing the frequency

After the computer of the locksmith has been connected with the computer of your vehicle then the next step is to get into the computer. Because the computers of the vehicles are not like the computers used in our homes or offices. They are of very low power and just control the basic functions. When the locksmith connects his computer with the controller of your automobile. Then the locksmith runs the software to find the settings that control the trans receiver. When the computer finds the code that contains the transponder, then all of the methods are very easy. The computer extracts the frequency and copies it on the computer’s micro controller. Do you want to get this service? Type duplicate car keys with chips near me online and then call a locksmith from google.

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Transponder Key Copy

A transponder key copy, as its name suggests, is the copy of the original one. When the code is copied from the vehicle’s computer and stored in the locksmith’s computer, then a new fob is connected to the locksmith’s computer. This one which is being made right now is a replacement one for your vehicle. It is connected, and the computer writes a short code on it, the code defines that what kind of frequency it should emit and what button unlocks the vehicle and define the function of all of the other buttons as well, making it to produce just the right frequency and working just like the original one. So, the computer thinks that the key which is inserted in it is the original one. After it is programmed, the chipped key is cut according to your vehicle’s lock. If you want your car keys cut and programmed, then type transponder key programming near me and call a locksmith company from there, you will be able to find a well-reputed and good company from there. The car key chip programming is a time taking process, so be patient during the process.

Transponder Key Programing Cost

The process of programming this type of fob with a microcontroller inserted in it is very complicated. The equipment used to duplicate it is costly. It is in thousands of dollars. Suppose you are looking to get a duplicate one for your wireless fob or want a critical key fob transponder duplicated. In that case, you need to find a company providing this service at reasonable prices. If you want to minimize the cost of your duplication, then first of all type the service you wish to online on google, check all of the companies which come in front of you, check their reviews, check their rankings, check if their website is a good one or not, now call the companies for the quotation, when you find a company who provided you the lowest quotes then keep that company in bookmarks, now many companies are discounts at different times. So, you can check if the companies are providing discounts or not. In this way, you can bring down the price of your fob duplication very much.


Now we have explained to you what a transponder key is? How can you find a company that is providing the service of duplication of the fob? How can you get discounts on the service? And how to find a suitable business for replication? I will give a summary of the whole process.

First of all, go online and type in the service you want, then check the reviews and the ratings of the companies. After that, call them for the quotation and then compare the quotes the call the company which suits you the best. This process is a little time taking, but indeed it is better to be safe than sorrowful. I hope this blog will immensely help full to you.

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